Seasony Dashboard is a startup in Copenhagen focused on robotics and automation for vertical indoor farms. Monitoring indoor food production is a complicated task, and automation is a solution that lowers costs and makes the process scalable and sustainable. They collaborated with Hack Your Future to develop a dashboard to monitor indoor farming food production aspects from seeding to production to delivery. The result was a polished full-stack React application developed by a fifteen students team as a graduation project.


A dashboard solution

to monitor automated

indoor food production.









Full-Stack Application

Hack Your Future final projects are always a full-stack JavaScript-based application. We apply all the technologies learned throughout the seven-month intensive bootcamp program plus some extra, like Storybook KnexJS and Swagger.

From the dashboard, the user can access a detail view of each measurement, with the option to filter by a customizable date feature.


There were plenty of challenges throughout the project. It started with my transfer to a new class only for the final project and getting to know my new classmates. The added technologies also increased the difficulty. It was the first time I got exposed to Storybook and I had to focus on learning it, which helped me clarify some React concepts.

The project includes a secure login/logout feature using Firebase token authentication.

Final thoughts

Clear communication was a skill that came to the forefront right after the first meeting. At that point, the pandemic was spreading fast and forced the project to continue remotely. It also added pressure since there is a seven-week deadline without a possibility for a delay.

It was the first Hack Your Future final project that completed 99% remotely. The team came together to meet the challenges, and we were proud to be the first HYF class to complete the final project without delays. Awesome experience!

Published: 24.11.2020  Updated: 29.05.2021

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