Skordetid is the newest platform for machine sharing between farmers in Sweden. The goal is to decrease machine ownership and operation costs by offering farmers the ability to rent their machines between crops and during the off-season.


Startup project

for Machine Sharing









Full-stack app

The application is a full-stack custom PHP framework aimed at fast implementation and deployment. On the backend, it runs on a MySQL instance and control version with Git and Bitbucket.

The primary function is to enable farmers to list their machines' inventory, with detailed information regarding machine condition, availability, price, and farm location.


I joined the team at the pre MVP stages. The platform was functional but lacked the layout implementation necessary for UA. The initial challenge for me was to learn the application in a short time and start contributing to the project. I had the privilege to have great support from the Senior Developer to guide me, which helped me gain enough knowledge to contribute to the project without delays.

The focus was to implement a fully responsive application keeping a similar UI/UX response on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

A mobile-first approach to development was crucial to enable the farmers to use the app from anywhere.

This approach helped better understand the implementation of CSS Grid and Flexbox layouts to create a fluid UI/UX and improve the user experience.

Project Lessons

The project allowed me to explore more advanced Flexbox and Grid CSS concepts and combine HTML data attributes with pseudo-elements to solve desktop and mobile layout changes. I also learned more about MySQL configuration and SQL language.

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